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Gender equality is described as equal recognition and evaluation, power, position, role and active inclusion of all genders in all areas of public and private life. In Slovenia, we agree that gender equality is a value of a democratic society, but reality is quite different.

More than 100 musical groups or solo musicians work, practice and perform in and around town of Maribor, Slovenia. Less than 30% of them are women. WHY?
Messy haired and bearded, music festival with socially engaged tune, festival of equality, has been addressing this issue since 2017. Through projects’ activities (concerts, workshops, discussions, exhibitions, podcasts), we initiated not only public discourse, but also critical reflection on the topic of underrepresentation of women on the Maribor’s and wider music scene.
During the five festivals’ years, we presented original and other musical creations of active groups and musicians of all genders, who significantly co-shape and co-create Maribor’s and nearby music scene.
Festival’s mission:
1) to highlight the role of Maribor’s female music performers in the hyperproductive pool of mostly male music groups and performers,
2) to draw attention to gender inequality with a socially engaged approach, with an emphasis on Maribor’s music scene.
Thorugh the prism of mutual respect and equality we are establishing a training ground for greater exposure of women on Maribor’s music scene and the wider spread of female artistic and social sensibility, in cooperation with male performers.

In other words, through music:
No! It’s a man’s man’s world – as James Brown groans, rather:
People have the power! – as Patti Smith roars.

SinB17 podcast with local band LASYE // moderated by Tanja Cvitko, producer
SinB19 podcast with local DJ Aniline and DJ Wooga (Bass Figthers) // moderated by Tanja Cvitko, producer
SinB21 podcast with Iva Flisar, rock singer and Boštjan Bračič, rock singer // moderated by Tanja Cvitko, producer
Maribor, Slovenia, 29.8. – 10.9.2022
Vetrinjski Dvor Mansion, Kavenija cafe, town streets, National Liberation Museum park
We invite you to visit 13 festival days at 4 venues with concerts, talks, exhibitions and tourist tours. Our festival is a modest addition to Maribor’s cultural offer and a great contribution to engagement in the field of gender equality in culture by equalizing the ratio of 30% (women) – 70% (men) in the music and wider art scene.
We officially start the exhibition program on Monday, August 29th at the Kavenija cafe venue with the opening of art exhibition by Artopolis platform, which is intended to promote the works of Slovenian artists.
On Tuesday, 30.8. we are meeting online at the discussion of the Slovenian Music Information Center, where we will discuss the issue of underrepresentation of women in music.
The music part of the festivals’  program opens at Vetrinjski Dvor Mansion venue.
From Wednesday 31.8. until Saturday, 3.9. loud female musicians with musicians from so-called “alternative” genres are expecting you with their non-commercial, message-articulated and heavy performances. 
Performers will be: singers – songwriters Andrej Vilčnik and Ida Harc, rock band Invite, postpunk band balans, rock duo Iva Flisar and Bratko Zavrnik, grunge band Dunraven with guests Adrijana Čede and Jana Tavčer. On the first day of September, do not miss the exhibition Scent of Love by Vid Kmetič with illustrator Samira Kentrić in the window of the tourist office Rajzefiber and the festival talk with alt-women. Check out Vid’s delicious town tours, also!
From Sunday, 4.9. until Thursday, 8.9. you will be enchanted by SCATS! at Kavenija cafe with swing rhythms and young rocker band Sthenge. You will meet the finalists of Slovenska nota competition 2021 – Neli Jerot and Ina Olup. Singer-songwriter, poet and translator Matej Krajnc will charm you with Bob Dylan’s repertoar in Slovene. You might want to have a coffee chat with Vid Kmetič and ask him about his artistic muses. On the last evening, you will reflect  on the engaging lyrics of the duet LAV & Amo.
Festival will close with a bang on Friday, 9.9. and Saturday 10.9. in the park of the Museum of National Liberation, where a poetry and music program is prepared by female SLAM poets with Matic Ačko, students and mentors of the KUD Coda music school, and rockabilly Joe & The Rhythm Boys with messy-haired Miss Stacey. The museum’s exhibition “Thank you for the company” about the social life of Maribor’s residents in the years 1900–1990 will be the icing on the festival’s cake.
We celebrate the mutual cooperation of exceptional people, regardless of gender.

Development & executive production

Tanja Cvitko & IDEA BOX, association for promotion of innovative cultural production
Coproducer: music school KUD Coda Maribor
Festival is recognised by the Municipality of Maribor, Slovenia.
Dear partners, sponsors, venues, performers, artists, volunteers, supporters, media, audience … THANK YOU!